Davod Varzideh (ney)

Davod Varzideh (ney)

One of the most creative and innovative contemporary players of the ney = the ancient reed flute of Iran.

Davod is best-known for his work with the bands the Rumi Ensemble, Shahkalid, and the the late Faramarz Payvar (the Payvar Ensemble).

The Rumi Ensemble website: http://www.rumiensemble.com/

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rumi-Ensemble/141479352540351

Shahkilid info: www.abconcerts.be/.../sir-richard-bishop-shahkilid-07-10-2010

Musician profile: http://www.abconcerts.be/en/artists/p/detail/davood-varzideh

Payvar Ensemble press release: www.amc.org.uk/press/pr_payvar.pdf

Payvar Ensemble profile on Yahoo Music: new.music.yahoo.com/faramarz-payvar-ensemble/

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